Stakeholder Projects

Earth Day Tree Planting

The Indiana Conference Impact 2818 Outdoor Ministries coordinated volunteers to plant more than 100 trees at Epworth Forest Conference Center in honor of Earth Day. Nick Yarde, Executive Director of Impact 2818 Outdoor Ministries, lead a team of volunteers of all ages in this effort to help beautify Epworth Forest.

The Beach House Rain Garden

The Beach House Rain Garden (Erosion Control Project)
Epworth Forest Conference Center (working under the guidance of Nick Yarde and his staff), the Epworth Forest Property Owners' Association Executive Committee (working through our Infrastructure subcommittee under the guidance of Bert Anson and Bill Kaster), and the Tippecanoe Watershed Foundation - TWF (working under their project director Brian Pyle) developed and implemented a plan to repair the erosion around the Beach House and created a "rain garden" to prevent future erosion. The TWF sought a grant from the state of Indiana to assist with cost of materials. However, most of the labor was donated by Epworth Forest residents, Friends and Alumni of Epworth Forest (FALEF), and other environmental minded community members.

Community BoardEpworth Forest Community Board

Due to construction and remodeling the Community Board has been temporarily taken down from in front of The Beach House (Cokesbury) at the beach.

Made entirely of cedar, this board was funded by the Epworth Forest Property Owners Association and the Friends and Alumni of Epworth Forest.

Among other items you will find posted a summer calendar and details of upcoming events for the Epworth Forest Community. In addition the Epworth Forest Conference Center will occasionally post announcements.

Kevin Hefley of Hefley Construction building the Community BoardSpecial thanks goes to the Conference Center for donating the space for the board. Also, appreciation goes to Kevin Hefley of Hefley Construction for designing, building, and installing the Community Board. Kevin is a board member of the friends and Alumni of Epworth Forest.

Additional thanks to Chuck Hefley (father of Kevin and also a FALEF board member) and the Conference Center summer staff for their help on installation.

Epworth Forest "Welcome" Sign

Epworth Forest "Welcome" SignAs you are driving along Epworth Forest Road you may have noticed a new sign at 1st Trail -- "Welcome to Epworth Forest - Main Entrance Ahead." It provides an attractive marker to the West boundary of Epworth Forest and helps first time campers and visitors find their way a little more clearly.

Many thanks to Sue Callendine (Epworth Forest Property Owners Association) who donated the cedar wood, to Sign Graphics of North Webster who did the routing and painting, and to Kevin Hefley (of Hefley Construction and board member of Friends & Alumni of Epworth Forest) who donated his time and sweat to install the sign.

Also ongoing thanks to Arthur & Fay Iden (Epworth Forest Property Owners Association) who have allowed us to place the sign in their yard.

Epworth Forest Website

This website has been developed by the joint efforts of the Friends & Alumni of Epworth Forest and the Epworth Forest Property Owners' Association in cooperation with the Epworth Forest Conference Center and the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church. Special thanks goes to Joost Baudoin from Holland for his generous contribution to build and maintain our website. Joost and his family have been involved in Epworth Forest Choir School and Sounds of Hope for many years. He is doing a fantastic job and creating a vehicle for us to easily connect with and communicate with friends of Epworth Forest throughout the world.