About the Epworth Forest Property Owners Association

The Epworth Forest Property Owners' Association (The Association or EFPOA) is one of the oldest official organizations in Epworth Forest. Formed in the early to mid 1920's the original name was the Lot Owners Association. The name was later changed to the Epworth Forest Improvement Association, The Property Owners' Association of Epworth Forest and finally to its current name, The Epworth Forest Property Owners' Association.

The Property Owners' Association is a community association of property owners and residents of Epworth Forest. When the Methodist Church founded Epworth Forest they established church assembly grounds as well as community roads and walkways. The remaining land was subdivided into lots and sold to private individuals and churches. These lots make up what is known as the Epworth Forest residential community. The portion of Epworth Forest that is owned by the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church is referred to as the Epworth Forest Conference Center. The Conference remains the largest Epworth Forest property owner.

Epworth Forest is not an incorporated area. Our local "government" consists of the official of Kosciusko County and the Tippecanoe Township.

The purpose of The Association is to provide for regular meetings of Property Owners of Epworth Forest and to maintain a workable and cooperative relationship with the other Epworth Forest Stakeholders (including the Epworth Forest Conference Center, Friends & Alumni of Epworth Forest, and the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church), in order that the purposes and ideals of Epworth Forest as a whole (including The Association's Vision, Mission, and Core Values) may be maintained and fulfilled. We seek to improve and promote the community through mutual cooperation among all property owners. The Association has no legal authority per se. Our only "clout" is through the collective determination of property owners to work together for the common good. The Indiana Conference maintains communications and connection to the residential community through The Property Owners' Association.

The Association operates under a set of bylaws that have been adopted by the members of The Association. Our Board of Directors consists of association members who are elected by vote of The Association. The Board, in turn, elects its own officers to facilitate operation of the organization.

All property owners are invited to become dues-paying members of The Association. Additionally, residents of Epworth Forest who are not property owners may join The Association by the payment of annual dues. Moneys collected through dues are placed in an account managed by the EFPOA Board of Directors for use in carrying out the programs of The Association.

Epworth Forest has a community bulletin board. Althought it has been removed temoporarily for construction it wil again be located on E. Wesley Lane in front of The Beach House (Cokesbury) building. This bulletin board is supported and used by The Association, the Friends and Alumni of Epworth Forest (FALEF), and the Epworth Forest Conference Center (EFCC). Residents are encouraged to consult the board for important information about the community.