For many years those who cared about Epworth Forest joined hands to help with projects and fundraising to improve facilities, better the community, and encourage the ministries. These good Samaritans consisted of past participants in church camp or ministry programs, regular vacationers, and property owners who lived in Epworth Forest full or part time. As the 50th anniversary of Epworth Forest approached, they decided to launch an organization to carry out their service. In 1974 the Friends of Epworth Forest was founded. Their name later changed to the Epworth Forest Alumni Association, and finally to its current name, the Friends and Alumni of Epworth Forest.

Friends & Alumni of Epworth Forest (FALEF) is an organization which shares with enthusiasm our support of God's ministry through Epworth Forest.

We support Epworth Forest through our mission statement:

To strengthen and enhance the ministry of Epworth Forest by

We work with the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church, the Epworth Forest Conference Center administration and staff, the Property Owners' Association of Epworth Forest, citizens and community leaders to provide services that cannot be provided through regular annual conference funding such as:

Do you have fond memories of your experiences at Epworth Forest? Would you like those experiences to continue for others to share?

Many of us have deepened their relationship with Christ or strengthened their relationships with others through our experiences at Epworth Forest.

We want our membership to include people who love Epworth Forest and wish to make sure that it thrives and grows into the future. If that describes you, we hope you will become an active, contributing member soon!

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