Recreation Opportunities

Through the cooperation of the Epworth Forest Conference Center and the Property Owners, a number of recreational facilities and areas are available for the enjoyment of Epworth Forest Residents and their guests. These are described below.

Please keep these areas enjoyable for all by showing respect for others using and living near the facilities, by properly disposing of litter, and by refraining from the use of alcoholic beverages while in these areas.

(Please note: At certain times, some of these facilities and areas such as the Ball Diamond, Tennis Courts, Basketball Court, and Beach may be reserved for the exclusive use of the Epworth Forest Conference Center ministry program groups. If you have any questions about schedules and usage, please check with both the Epworth Forest Conference Center office and postings on the Epworth Forest Conference Center section of the Community Board by The Beach House (Cokesbury). Call EFCC at 574-834-2212.)

Ball Diamond, Tennis Courts, and Basketball Court - located between Seventh and Eighth Streets.

Swimming Beach and Pier - located behind The Beach House (Cokesbury) on Wesley Drive.

Lakefront Easement - An easement exists along the lakefront in Epworth Forest to allow pedestrian access to the lakefront by all residents and guests. Access to the easement is by the established access lanes; private property should be respected